Interesting links

My brother David is a genius physicist, exquisite poet, tough and skilled martial artist. He loves culture and traveling and plants. Enjoy his work, poetry and latest news at his website David Edward Bruschi !

My girlfriend Stephanie is passionate in history. She is a multi-businesses' owner, including pioneering in the ancient Egyptian skill of Sugaring (The Sugarista) in the US west coast and her skincare products' line Beauty Archaeology.

My friend Matteo is a talented artist and exceptional visual-, web- and graphic- designer. His work is at

National Geographic's website is an endless world of wonders.

One of my favorite art is from French artist and graphic novels illustrator Mathieu Lauffray.

Kwaku Anansi, or just Anansi, is the trickster god of all knowledge and stories. He told me he is interested in my tales.