I've been absent for a while but I am now (more or less) back.
I am in a new city, Nottingham, with a new job, in a new apartment! Everything is going well but I am still settling in. I am gone most of the day and the apartment is still a bit a mess.... but at least, I am cooking again.

One thing that I am glad is keeping me busy is the new project I am working on with a special, passionate and interesting team: Sonderers Travel Magazine!

Sonderers is an online travel magazine that focuses on the human aspects of traveling. Any human aspect.
There are innumerable themes we can write on and countless creative ideas for both articles, website, anything that has to do with this publication.

We are at the early stages and the website, social media and first publications are just now taking forms and, one after the other, actively coming online.

Sonder On!