Next step - order!

I am re-happy to re-announce that the order section of my website is now live!
This is an important step for one main reason: it was fun organizing, planning, imagining, creating new things!
I like creating for the sake of creating!
This time I did something new because, as simple as it is, I laid out a "business plan" with timing, products, strategies. It's a new field for me, therefore I am happy I reached this goal.

Every week there is going to be something new, meaning, a product. I started off with single prints, and bit by bit I am going to add compositions and other things (wait and see!).
and because every week there is a new product, besides being in holidays season of course, there is going to be a new promo code!

The current promo code is linked to Thanksgiving, one of the biggest holidays in the United States.
The promo code is DCTG15 .