End of Autumn

Autumn is at its end and it has been an extremely busy, creative and interesting period.

My new life in Nottingham is going on very well, both in personal life and on work - where people are nice, energetic, fun and projects make me learn a lot!
I am almost on a regular and full routine for my work-out schedule and before the end of the year I am going to register to quite a few races, both in swimming and obstacle runs.

I like seasons and I liked this Autumn here in England.
Even more than usual I've been observing patterns and colors in Nature. The lines created but leaf-less trees; the carpet of red, or yellow, or brown leaves on the dark green grass; the pine trees' needles on the sidewalk. What a pleasure!
I will eventually have a photo album about it, too. One more things to do, but that's why it's exciting.

On we go, Winter is coming and I will hopefully see some snow!

Tappeto di Foglie

California Gold

Monday evening I came back from a full week in California!

I started the trip bydriving from Portland, OR to Santa Rosa, CA (north of San Francisco) to bring down something for my friend. This was Monday.

Tuesday I drove from Santa Rosa to the 1 on the coast. Crossing the Coastal Range showed me beautiful gold-and-green landscapes which are very photogenic although it's due to lack of any kind of water. Poor environment!

The coast was fabulous too, and the road is so windy (not for the wind, from all the curves) and I had to pay attention to my almost empty gas tank! But I did it just fine and I really enjoyed the 30-or-so miles I've drive along the famous coastal highway.

San Francisco is of course unique. I enjoyed walking around town, from the bay side to the Golden Gate Park. I went to the California Academy of Sciences, designed by Renzo Piano. what a beautiful building, that is real architecture. And the exhibits are beautiful! The De Young museum was nice too and I got to see a beautiful art exhibit of Romanticist master artist J.M.W. Turner. Fantastic!

I then flew to Los Angeles on Thursday, meeting my girlfriend at the airport, to spend the rest of the time at the beach on Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Great weather, warm water and palm trees were lovely and a nice change of scenery from the PNW. I splashed in the water and played with the big waves for hours every day. I realized that last year I completely skipped beach time, which is weird because I grew up in Trieste (and go there every year) so going to the beach is a must and something I love! Therefore, I was glad we went.

One day we went to the Getty Center and it was even better than what I remembered! It is a beautiful center, a real and quality meeting of architecture, landscaping and art! The exhibit are beautiful and the day was gorgeous. We stayed there more than 4 hours and we coudl ahve stayed even longer!

Photos to come soon (so many things to do now that I am moving)!

Look here on the Dreams' Chest Instagram for many more photos from my travel around the Golden State!

The Getty Center Landscape and Architecture Los Angeles California