Back to Europe

Atc! It has been to long since my last article. Almost exactly a month. Bad me! September has been busy with travels, but it shouldn't be an excuse.

Speaking of traveling, so far in September I was in Oregon, Boston area (Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut), London, Italy. I am in Italy until the end of the month, few more days, and Thursday, which is October 1st, I go back to London.

This is because I have permanently moved out of the United States to live back in Europe! I miss the US a lot, but I missed Europe too. My family, the culture, the atmosphere, the easy traveling.

I am going to be living in London. I am going to work as an architect and I want to work again in historic preservation, which is what I focused my studies on and what I worked on my first two years after graduating, before moving to Oregon.

I am stoked, excited, intrigued! I like exploring the new city and I can't wait to be living there and to see how my routine will go.

Un passo indietro, poi sempre avanti!

Torre degli Asinelli da Via Ugo Bassi Bologna Italy