Perception of the Natural Environment

Last Friday I came back from a week of camping. We stayed at Lake Crescent in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State (USA) and in French Beach in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

The second day after we arrived on the Island, the sky was completely covered in sooth and smoke from wildfires raging in the center of the Island. The smoke had a pink tint early in the morning and a yellow one later in the evening in the direction of the sun (see photo below).

I realized one more time how the perception of the natural environment changes from city life to outdoors life in nature.

I've spent outdoors all my life, either in the yard (not really outdoors, but at least among trees), or camping or hiking on the Alps. And I've also lived all of my life in the city. When people are in the city, they are too disconnected to what happens in the natural environment. Drought 8such as the effects on Detroit Lake in Oregon), or wildfires, or unusual weather - realizing the real impact on changing patterns in nature is possible only if people physically feel the changes.

Feeling Nature is the best way to understand and respect it. So we can learn how to preserve it.

Wildfire French Beach Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada