Old School Market

Sunday was my last full day in London for this period and Stephanie and I went to the Flower Market on Columbia Road. What a beautiful place!

The Flower Market is an old school market in East End right outside the City in Shoreditch. Columbia Road, West of Brick Lane, is a beautiful, corky and artisty road full of little shops, from perfume shops to artists' studios to cake shops and bars.

All of these are open during the market, so you have the shops open on the sides and the vendors' stalls on both sides of the road (no need to say, the road is closed to motorized traffic). There are a few musicians playing on the street in an empty spot between vendors.

The street is packed with people who watch and buy, but it's not noisy. The flowers are beautiful and very perfumed and there are so many types, from succulents to plants to flowers to spices!

The coolest thing are the old school vendors. Everywhere you can hear the calls and yelling about prices and deals and talking about what they have. Some engage with people and others try to talk to everybody.

We spent about two hours and a half there, it was really nice and interesting. The sun made everything look even better and made the experience even more pleasant.

There were foreigners but it looked like most people were locals (or from the UK in general).


Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Last Saturday I visited the Kew Gardens in west London, south of the river. What a special place!

The park is beautiful and extremely well kept. It is big and has a lot of variety of trees and plants, greenhouses and conservation areas. It is extremely clean and neat. We also went when apparently there were very few people, so we enjoyed the park even more and we were by ourselves in certain moments.

We booked online and we saved few pounds. There is the metro stop and the neighborhood is really really nice!

I like the fact that there were many different trees but there were may of the different species grouped together creating little nooks and areas different from one another, yet organically flowing from one to the other.

There are ponds and little bodies of water, few different buildings, paths, endless grass, birds, flowers, a rose garden, greenhouses, tropical plants and more!

It's absolutely a destination to go alone, with your partner or spouse, with your family, with your children, to have a walk, run, stroll, read.

I think the colors were beautiful because Autumn started yet wasn't everywhere, so the colors ranged from dark green to light yellow and anything in between!

I can just imagine what it looks like in full Autumn or in full Spring!

It is beautiful, magical destination and I highly recommend it.

Kew Gardens London England UK

In London Fair City

London! What a megalopolis!
It's extremely human scale in its neighborhoods, yet it's so vast you can spend years and years to explore.

This is my impression of course, I haven't lived years and years in London... yet! But I will, because I am looking for a job in the city, my girlfriend Stephanie is going to Grad School next year and I like the country.

Who has been living here? What are the impressions? Thoughts? Considerations?

I am going to be more aggressive on my job hunt. I will be even more efficient and make my portfolio, both online and printed, and applications even better.

I also want to get involved in the photography world! I will start looking around for opportunities for young photographers and I am thrilled for the opportunities. There is a lot to learn and a lot to achieve and many people to meet and exciting things and places to discover.

In the meantime and in some free time.... I will explore London! I will get lost, walk, wonder, explore, visit, discover anything I can, and hopefully many things I didn't think about.

Change and Resettlement in England

Change is exciting but resettling might take time!

I've been looking for a job in London for few weeks now and I can't wait to start working in architecture again. There are quite a few jobs opening every day but competition is high as well. I am focusing on jobs on conservation (historic preservation) but I like adaptive-reuse and design as well.

I've also started looking at apartments/rooms, but of course I won't seal a deal with any until I found a job, so I can find one easier for my commutes.

In the meantime and in my free time, I am back putting some time on my travel journalism website (you are on it!), Dream's Chest, and look for photography competitions. It'll be cool to get into the Londoner photography environment!

Also, when I am all settled in London, I will start with my new MatadorU course, Advanced Travel Writing!

September has been a month of buffer, I was in two continents and three countries - North America and Europe; USA, UK, Italy - and I am going back to the starting block, looking for jobs, finding a place to live in London, exploring a new place.


House With Red and Orange Ivy York England UK

Back to Europe

Atc! It has been to long since my last article. Almost exactly a month. Bad me! September has been busy with travels, but it shouldn't be an excuse.

Speaking of traveling, so far in September I was in Oregon, Boston area (Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut), London, Italy. I am in Italy until the end of the month, few more days, and Thursday, which is October 1st, I go back to London.

This is because I have permanently moved out of the United States to live back in Europe! I miss the US a lot, but I missed Europe too. My family, the culture, the atmosphere, the easy traveling.

I am going to be living in London. I am going to work as an architect and I want to work again in historic preservation, which is what I focused my studies on and what I worked on my first two years after graduating, before moving to Oregon.

I am stoked, excited, intrigued! I like exploring the new city and I can't wait to be living there and to see how my routine will go.

Un passo indietro, poi sempre avanti!

Torre degli Asinelli da Via Ugo Bassi Bologna Italy

Un altro passo, un nuovo domani

I am leaving Portland, Oregon in 20 days to permanently move back to Europe! On September 1st I am departing to head East. First a stop in Boston to visit friends for a week. The second week I am going to be in London for interviews and exploring and acclimating. Then, after two weeks in Italy to visit family, I will move to London on October 1st.

I will miss Portland, I will really miss the boundless landscapes and natural landscapes.

But I am extremely excited to be closer to my brother, my family and to be back to Europe! London is a magical and varied city, both huge but also human scale. I am looking forward to exploring the hidden corners and stuck-in-time houses, cemeteries, bridges and parks.

I am also interested in any suggestions about living in the city, exploring it, keeping entertained. I am curious to know your opinion on which are the best small museums and parks, as well as best day trips in and outside the city. I want to know the best gyms and swimming pools.

Let me know what you think!

Un altro passo, un nuovo domani. Another step, a new tomorrow.

The Alaska landscape is something very uncommon and majestic for someone who grew up in southern Europe, Italy in my case. The landscape of the (Pacific) North West of the United States are very different from what I was used to, I've always loved the American landscapes and Natural wonders, but now I love them even more. I will miss these spectacular, pristine spaces!

The Alaska landscape is something very uncommon and majestic for someone who grew up in southern Europe, Italy in my case. The landscape of the (Pacific) North West of the United States are very different from what I was used to, I've always loved the American landscapes and Natural wonders, but now I love them even more. I will miss these spectacular, pristine spaces!