Committment in Everyday Life

I've always been good at staying on track and didn't find difficult doing things by myself. I would have only myself to answer to.
Studying; sports; hobbies; meeting deadlines, which were self imposed. I've always been, and I am, good at my own discipline.

Today I had one single thought in mind all day. I should have gone swimming in the morning.
Since there were no major reasons not to go and, as I foresaw, not going in the morning made me skip practice because other things came up (i.e.: work), I am disappointed with the experience.

I was and I am disappointed and I don't like this feeling. Somebody could say 'it's only once'. No. That's when you start being sloppy and slacking, because once today, once next week, at the end the level drops.

It happened few times recently and today I was stuck of how that one single thought was in my head all day.
Also because, after a good swim I feel good and I feel even better, because I am an architect and I sit all day at a desk. Having swim practice in the morning makes that static more easier to go through.

My girlfriend Stephanie , over the delicious dinner she prepared tonight and the lovely chat we had, asked me if I might be acting to hard on myself today. Could be. But I didn't like that nagging feeling today, so I don't want it to happen anymore.
On top of that I love sports, I like practice and I like competitions and races, I like to improve.

Commitment is important. Discipline is important.
It's something I don't think about it, except when days like this happen, because it's usually just part of me.
Commitment and discipline can also go hand in hand with flexibility - even more, flexibility is essential. But exactly because at the end of the day (or week, month) I do what I wanted to do and I prioritized things according to my goals and preferences.