Books' Section

Life is revolving and offering presents; Summer is closer; work-outs are fun; racing will start next month.
I travel, create, think, read, spend great time with my brother David and my girlfriend Stephanie, either with one or the other or all together.

I decided that I will soon include a 'Books' section somewhere, probably as sub page in the 'Read Me' one.
It'll be a space where I might write a review, or thoughts, or opinion on a book, or connect to more philosophical, or practical, topics after being spurred by reading something.

The book I am currently reading is called Voyage: A Novel of 1896, by Sterling Hayden and first published in 1976.
The book, set on land in the US, has two main story lines: one of an American high-class people group who embarks on a fancy ship to travel to Japan; the other is of the first metal-hull ship bounded to Cape Horn with a cargo of coal.
The first one, although not my favorite of the two, is interesting to see rich people's viewpoint on society, Native Americans, and other topics
The second one, more interesting for me, tells of the rough but true life of seamen under strict discipline on a months-long journey without even seeing land.

The book mentions true events of seafaring life in the seafaring world. Shanghaiing, for example, the practice of obtaining sailors by kidnapping or other coercion means. Or life and routing on a high-sea ship, rough and constantly busy.

I love the world that revolves on, under, above, below, near water. Sea, river or ocean.
A ship on the high-seas, like this book.
A raft on a river, like in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.
Or a submarine hunter boat like in Islands in the Stream, by master Ernest Hemingway, one of my favorite books.

As my mother say, 'With a book you are never alone.'

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